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Memberships & Packages

- IV Hydration Treatment Benefits -

IV Better has a groundbreaking alternative payment model that revolutionizes healthcare accessibility through a straightforward, inclusive membership fee. Eliminating the complexities of fee-for-service payments and third-party billing, IV Better centers around fostering enduring and trusting relationships between patients and their primary care providers. This innovative approach ensures exceptional access to a chosen IV Better. IV Better prioritizes patient satisfaction, gaining support from health policymakers across the ideological spectrum. Join the delighted patients and fulfilled provider nationwide with IV Better!


Initial Visit- $149.99 (Visit+labs)

$69.99 per month  - Quarterly face to face visit, telehealth as needed, labs as needed, sick visits and treatments as needed.

$99.99 per month - All of the above as well as prescription medication management. Most medications covered in the monthly cost. 

**Each membership will have 25% discount off of infusions and injections.

Direct Primary Care Membership

Visits – Discounted Labs

$49.99/month- 25% off of any infusion, up to 4 per month

$199.99/month- 1 infusion + 4 injections per month; 25% off of additional IV's and injections

$125/month- 5 injections per month (patient's choice) 10% off of infusions and additional injections

IV's and Injections


Better Health Outcomes

Experience superior health outcomes with IV Better's innovative service delivery. IV Beta ensures the development of genuine therapeutic relationships and the provision of comprehensive patient care.


Lower Costs

Enjoy affordable and transparent costs with a flat-rate membership or subscription model. Patients pay providers directly, eliminating third-party involvement and fee-for-service (“FFS”) billing, resulting in costs that are often lower than the average cell phone bill.


Enhanced Patient Experience

Enjoy unrestricted access to healthcare providers with minimal to no wait times and extended appointments, whether in person, virtually, or by phone. This creates a genuine therapeutic alliance between patients and providers, enhancing the overall patient experience.



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